Asking client to pay me Pt 2

So, I just had a call with my client. I realize now that I didn’t communicate my offer clearly at the start. My offer is to build him a website and then provide 10 days of support so if something breaks, I’ll fix it.

Well, I just had a call where he was basically asking me for free consulting. I’m so frustrated with myself because I was thinking I don’t know how to tell him that is beyond the scope of what I had originally offered him.

I feel resentful and I’m sure he could tell. I did not show up my best. My offer was NOT to tell him how to set up email marketing and integrate it into his website or teach him how to sell courses on his website within those 10 days. That is way beyond what my offer is.

And so when he asked me if we could have another call on Sunday to discuss selling courses, I said yes, when inside I was like NO. I don’t want to spend my Sunday evening providing free consulting. I’ve already done free work for him.

I realize I’ve set myself up for this. I taught him that it’s okay to devalue me because I don’t value my skills either. But obviously he doesn’t know how to do it himself or he wouldn’t be coming to me. So now I have this call set up for Sunday that I don’t want to do and I’m thinking that I will email him and apologize for not being clear, but if he wants my help, I can get him a quote for the work.

Definitely, lesson learned. I also learned that I need to have a contract in place. I knew at the moment, too, that I was about to say yes again when I didn’t want to. That is why I’m frustrated.

C: S said, “can we set up a call for Sunday evening?”
T: I don’t know how to say this is out of scope
F: resentful
A: Say yes, get defensive, beat myself up for saying yes
R: I resent myself and set myself up to resent my business and create a business I don’t like and I show up in a way I don’t like