Asking for money

Hi. I am struggling with the idea of talking about how much my program costs. When I get clients coming to me, I find it difficult to speak about pricing or tell them my pricing. I find myself panicking and then giving them a lower price than what I had initially intended, with the fear that they will think that my price is ‘too expensive’.

I truly believe in my services and feel like I deliver MUCH MORE than what the actual price is, but I still struggle when it comes to telling people my pricing and find myself compromising what I really want to charge. The thought ‘You can’t charge that’ and ‘What a cheek to charge people that’ and ‘what gives you the right to charge that amount’ keeps coming into my head. It keeps holding me back with charging my actual worth. I feel awkward speaking about money to my cleints and asking them for it and it’s really holding me back. Ive tried to dig a bit deeper and ultimately it comes to feeling like a salesman who just wants their money. I LOVE what I do and know that it works, but I can’t help but shake this off and confidently say my pricing on a call! Ive tried do think different thoughts like “i deliver so much value’ and ‘i charge my worth’, but every time I get on a call I get this pit when I have to start talking about pricing!