Attached to my comments in facebook

So my main way of creating value in my coaching practice/business is commenting inside this big FB group of people in my niche. I create thoughtful, valuable comments. I love me. I love the amazingness that I am. I create some amazing shit in that group. My shit is super good.

However, I feel unattached while creating the comments/value, but then like for instance let’s say I commented something today, Tuesday.

Tomorrow morning when I show up to work and check Facebook, I’m looking for how many likes my comment got, feeling giddy, excited, thrill, if it got “a lot of likes”, or if I can tell people are responding positively to it, replying to the comment something like, “This is brilliant! This is amazing!” etc etc etc

It’s fine if some of my comments don’t get engagement/likes/comments, I know my shit is good. But, I guess I’m making it a problem that I spend time during my daily allotted time for “commenting in facebook” some of it’s used for re-reading my comments (in pure admiration of my awesomeness, somewhat ego-driven), especially rereading them if they got a lot of likes/hearts/comments. Rereading them kind of as research to see patterns between my comments/what people are responding to/find value in, which I guess is a way of justifying being attached to the value I create.

I feel like I should be more unattached to this/my comments/whether people like/engage with them, not sure what exactly it looks like to just put value out there and not go back to it to “see how it did”?

Help 😂