Attached to the past to find more and more proof!

I know that we are looking for proof for what we are thinking.
Intellectually, I understand that 🙂
I’ve been working on my business for 3 years and I’ve made a few thousand of dollars.
I started to understand that I can measure my efforts not only by the amount of money I made (but by every step I took that were part of the process!) but still, sometimes, I find it hard to really believe that I’ll reach my financial goal with my business (10K/month which sounds totally doable in theory!).
When this happens, I start comparing myself and my business to other entrepreneurs and I feel defeated…
Also, I know that my thoughts are creating the money that I make/made/could make and I tend to use that work against me and think “I can do that, I know how that mind can be managed!”

Can you guide me please?