Attorney changing niche

Hi Coaches!

After 15 years as a lawyer, and 9 years self-employed, I’m ready to move into a different niche. I’m a civil plaintiffs’ trial lawyer. It is mostly what we call “retail” — clients find me through my website and through referral, and I represent them directly. I have no interest in scaling it or taking on more clients of my own. What I want to do going forward is “B2B” work, where other lawyers bring me on to take the lead on trial. I’d as a result be even more “freelance” than I already am, which is what I want. This is a recognized business model, and I know a small few other lawyers who are doing just that. Here’s my current unintentional model on the issue:

Circumstance: My practice is currently 90% my own clients, 10% associate for trial purposes.

Thought: I have been telling everyone, “I’m available to help on trials,” but it isn’t leading to any work yet. So I keep taking on clients who come directly to my office. Going to conferences isn’t promoting me or leading to the opportunities I hoped it would. My efforts aren’t working.

Feeling: Frustrated.

Action: Go to conferences and feel pissed about spending the money. Don’t go to conferences and feel “FOMO”

Result: same old same old

Can you help?