Average Conversion Rates–WHAT TO EXPECT?

I am preparing a forecast for my Impossible Year goal of making $500K. This will be earned through a series of services and on-line products. I have not sold online products before, but have run my coaching business for 25 years. You’ve inspired me to expand our services to include online products and eventually a Membership site.

For now, I need to have some reasonable idea on conversion rates for marketing a $97 web workshop (1 hour). I will eventually be offering a Master Class three times this year for $249 and one Signature Series class for $497, at the end of the year.

MY QUESTION: How many leads do I need to generate 88 sales I forecast at $97 each? How many prospects needed to generate the leads required for the sales expected?

Currently, my contacts are of sales managers who have sales teams with budgets to buy my products for them. So potentially, one transaction could mean the sale of 20 units sold. I will direct our marketing to individuals and to sales managers to maximize our impact.

Thank you, in advance!