Avoid wrong clientele

I want to help high-functioning autistic men (+30 year old) to connect to their emotions and ultimately improve their emotional health.

The above topic is too broad.

I then thought about coaching autistic men to deal with emotional numbness.

Is this still too vague?
I am also afraid that I get the wrong audience (emotional numbness may arise from other reasons like PTSD or depression).
I cannot and should never do the work of a therapist.

In essence, I want to seek out men with similar brain wiring like me to help them overcome the issues I’ve dealt with.
If so, I should coach men similar to me I would need to add the label “ADHD”.
I think the focused Facebook Ads become hard to compose? At least it is hard to narrow my niche down to a few words? And focusing on “emotional numbness” could result in the wrong clientele?

And my niche would be “coach autistic men of age +30 with ADHD/ADD to deal with emotional numbness.”


I have so much to offer men like me, I just haven’t yet found the right wording to approach them.