"Avoiding" my Impossible Goal

I have an impossible goal of 200K this year. I am a holistic health coach and made about $40K last year. I have made almost $45K so far this year. Things have slowed down a little…. I made fewer offers, while I was working on completing my program materials and creating an improved funnel.

In all my “wearing all the hats in my business” and serving my clients I am seeing that I not spending ANY time or energy on my $200K goal. It feels literally impossible (which I realize it the point), looking at the numbers at this point in the year. So it’s almost like I am ignoring it.

I feel so busy, like I just have to spend my time doing all the “necessary things”: admin, serving my clients, social media, marketing etc. And like working towards my 200K goal is somehow “extra” and I don’t have time for it. I’m doing Monday Hour One and that helps greatly.

Bottom line – I don’t think my $200K possible, so I’ve kind of just set it aside! But I want to be more accountable to myself than that!

I still have the workbook, and also have the “Believing New Things” workbook to print. I do not currently have time to do both, and am not sure which to focus on!

My feelings are avoidant and overwhelmed here… Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!