Avoiding Selling in Groups

I find myself hiding behind a thought and story, and I feel like maybe if I write it out here it might help- my niche is therapists who would like to quit or cut down on drinking. I have a very specific group. Many of these people are in a group called Self-care for Therapists, a very active group on facebook. I have been participating a lot, asking questions, answering questions, commenting, and all in all being helpful. I have brought up many times how much coaching has helped me.
I keep thinking that the group doesn’t want me to sell anything, so I never say anything about the fact that I offer services specifically catered to therapists. I am thinking that the admin will see that I am participating solely to “snag” customers for myself. They will believe I am trolling the group to make money. They will kick me from the group and I will be ashamed, lol.
Whew. Okay, I didn’t realize how deep that went.
So, I need to work on a lot of those thoughts. Do I believe that I am participating solely to “snag” customers? If I talk about my services has that broken some kind of universal law? What am I believing about people who talk about what they do and offer their services to people that might benefit from it?
I guess the worst that happens is they kick me from the group.
I was just going to ask you for advice on how to offer my services to the group, but I realize that I am indulging in confusion and I know the answer.
Thank you for allowing the brain dump, it was actually very helpful! Any feedback is appreciated, of course! I am going to go run some models now.