AWeber – Is this difficult for everybody?

Good morning team!

Okay…So I’ve listened to all the building your business podcasts…more then a couple times…
I have the website.
I have the completed, edited, designed book.
I have (what I think my target market will think is…) an awesome freebie.
I have an AWeber account.
I have watched dozens of hours of AWeber how to videos…I even purchased a emailing marketing program.
But I am seriously struggling with how to set up all the pieces to create a properly functioning lead-page to freebie to marketing:funnel.

Is this tough for everyone? I am a smart person, and have most programs figured out relatively quickly…but AWeber is not ‘feeling’ very user friendly.

I am in the transition phase of going from in-person coaching any client (personal training). To narrowing my niche right down and working with a small group of people online that have very specific targeted goals. I NEED to set up this funnel thing to target MY PEOPLE.

Any assistance would be very appreciated.

Trying not to be frustrated and stay focused on the task at hand:)

Thanks for everything, you are my wind!