Back-end vs. Front-end revenue/profit

Is it a general rule that backend sales, with more hands on support from me, should bring in greater revenue than front end sales like an automated online course?

Having done some planning and projections based on a couple of successful years, good growth last year, and refining/simplifying/consolidating things this year (our EOFY here is end of June), I don’t think that will ever be the case with my current model.

Even with improving back end conversions, the membership with group coaching by me and another coach is still scalable but takes up more of my time and effort and will only be approximately half the revenue of my front end automated online course that has little input required from me.

I’m concerned the business model I currently have won’t scale well as I generally read/understand that the ‘back-end’ is where most money is (should be!) actually made in business.

I have thought that this may actually not be a problem at all as long as I’m hitting overall targets? But I’m concerned that my time and energy is going into the part that is bringing in least money. I would love some feedback before I try to scale something that isn’t yet set up quite right! Thank you.