Bakery pricing

Hello coaches! I’ve started a bakery and am currently working on pricing. My products are specialty gluten-free, dairy-free for kids, and they include healthy surprising ingredients — like broccoli in the chocolate oat bars, spinach in the donuts, and cauliflower in the banana muffins. I’ve priced out some items and the profit margin on $3 is between 17-43%, and I am thinking about charging $4 per item. My brain is saying that is too much. In the past I’ve had no qualms about negotiating my salary from my company for large raises — but now that I’m charging people an extra dollar, my thought is that “it’s so expensive”. I then feel guilty, don’t take action on my next steps, and then the result is that I have NO bakery and 0% profit. I try the thought “people would love to pay me $4 for a brownie that has beets in it” – but I don’t believe that thought. I try “it’s possible that people would love to pay me for the brownie”, but it feels pretty half-hearted enthusiasm. Do you have insight on a better thought to get me to confidence, which will supercharge me to bring this bakery to fruition — all in? Thank you!