Balancing work & personal life with a new business

I opened a business (fitness studio) 4.5 months ago. I work 7 days a week, 24/7 (meaning I will answer calls and respond to emails anytime). I have this belief that me being present at the studio often really benefits the business–it seems like every time I’m there I’m fixing some problem or issue or just making a connection with a member that was beneficial that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. And I hear so much that having a business means sacrificing a lot (time, energy, relationships), especially in the first year. But I don’t want to accept that for myself. I want a thriving business AND personal/home life. I feel like I constantly have 2 different thought models happening:

C: I own a gym
T: If I’m in the studio all of the time, I’m not a gym owner, I have a full-time job
F: Desire to work less and rest more
A: I work from home more and am in the studio less
R: I feel the freedom of having more time to get things done (both business and personal) but I also feel overwhelming guilt that I’m not doing enough and that I’m not showing my face more at the studio

C: I own a gym
T: Members need to see me daily and I need to work all day every day in this first year of business to be successful
F: Burnt out and Overworked
A: In the studio daily making appearances and connecting with members
R: I’m not getting all of my behind-the-scenes work done because I’m not nearly as productive when I’m in the studio, I feel tired and burnt out and like my personal life suffers, but I am making more meaningful connections with members which has a positive result for the business

This mixture between thinking I need to work nonstop and also feeling like I should prioritize rest more has me just constantly feeling uneasy. The intentional model would look something like:

C: I own a gym
T: My business can thrive without me physically present at the studio every day
F: Peace
A: Intentionally plan out my week so that I can both get my work done and show my face at the studio in a balanced manner
R: A thriving business and a balanced work and personal life

I think the issue is that I currently don’t believe this thought is true.