Become the best sales women I can be

I have noticed how I am good at creating value, but not selling it! I just put them out into the world, wishing customers will fall on them. Then it doesn’t sell at all, then I give up and create some other thing, and don’t sell it either, so it bombs.

I think I need to learn how to sell.

Here are some thoughts that are not helping me with that:
T: I am too shy to sell.
T: I am not a good seller.
T: Selling is so hard!
T: What if people don’t like my offer (or me!)?
T: I have never been good at selling, no matter how many books I have read on the topic.
T: What if I invest in ads and don’t make my money back?
T: I am scared of telling people what I do.
T: I don’t want my boss to know I am working on this side gig (what if he fires me?)

It is so hard to get rid of so many negative, limiting beliefs about selling! I feel like it’s even part of my identity. Where do I start? Can I be successful just with simple Facebook ads and no interactions? I sell an online course and I am hoping this more “passive” form of selling could work for me.
T: I am learning to do effective Facebook ads.
T: I will figure this out no matter what.
T: This time, I won’t give up on my business.