Becoming WHO we want to be in business vs focusing on lack. *Abraham Hicks reference.

I love the idea of BEING who we want to become in business. But I sometimes feel it can really put the focus on how we are not there yet. And Abraham Hicks teaches how we can’t ever get to our goal if we focus on what’s missing.

I’m having trouble attempting to be who I want to be in the future without noticing my current circumstances. How do I act like a 7 figure earner if I’m not and my brain constantly reminds me of this? If I were to “act”’as a 7 figure earner, I would most definitely book a vacation first class without hesitation. Instead my brain (and bank account) looked at airline tickets and had to search for deals and make sure it fits the budget.

How do I make the leap into my future self as I can’t book that first-class vacation until my current circumstances allow it ? I.e. I cannot book a 15k vacation with 2k in the bank.

Thanks in advance for your help.