I have honey biz –
It took me literally swarms of bees hovering over me, bees landing on me for an hour and tons of experiences like this to still not get that my honey product is saying please make me. . .

I have coaching biz and its not really flowing.(massive action of course but also that constant brick walls says something)

Meanwhile bees are saying a lot, so apparently I’m waking up to just how much resistance I’ve been having – I mean its bonking me on the head and I just kept not doing it….. now I finally made a batch but its a tiny tiny batch and

Well – help!
I do feel like if I do the things I know to do and the next steps will be clear to me. I feel extremely confidant with that T and the idea of it. And I have evidence for it —

I need help with the underlining resistance – I haven’t been able to find a T and haven’t had the resistance feel like I’m processing it when I do the steps…… I guess some Ts are that it won’t work or there’s too few jars to make enough to make any profit, to scale ….. (I don’t believe these thoughts though) so…….