Belief Blocking $40k Months

C: Goal to hit $40K month in revenue; actual revenue $15K
T: Having a business is hard!
F: Unsure
A: Doing my ads; launch steps from my ads with uncertainty.
Questioning my choices of spending in my business.
Reluctant to answer messages.
Wanting to reinvent my program out of insecurity.
Not having as much fun in my business.
Feeling tense.
R: Making it hard to pursue $40K months.

Some comforting thoughts:
I know what I need to do more of.
I know it’s just the beginning of the year.
I deserve this.
I am smart enough, for sure.

But another belief is that I am so much more than this. My mindset, ideas, effort, etc., is worth so much more. And that’s not serving me because it makes me feel pity.

How can I change this model so that the R line IS $40K months?