Belief confusion

Hey Brooke,

So here’s my problem…

My goal is to make 100k by the end of next year in my health coaching business.

Currently at zero clients.

When I’m thinking about the message I want to put out there of what I stand for, that speaks to my people, my body fills up with a lot of uncertainty.

I’m not really sure what I believe in anymore.

I’ve gone through so many mind shifts about weight loss that my messaging is confusing even ME.

I used to weigh 227lbs and chased quick fixes by doing diets, extreme low calorie meal plans, clean eating, calorie counting and overtraining.

I got down to 132lbs but I had made myself sick, obsessive and unhappy with myself and life.

So when I started to look for other solutions I decided calorie counting, diets and the clean eating life made me miserable and I took a true stance on that.

I felt like I had a diet mentality, restricted and like My life revolved around being afraid of eating certain foods.

I didn’t want that kind of experience for anyone else.

I also believe (and still do) that weight loss doesn’t equal happiness, instead loving yourself as you are now and on your way to losing weight.

So then I found habit based coaching where you focus on changing peoples behavior like adding in more vegetables, then focusing on protein and then learning how to listen to your hunger signals.

Which was such a great find for me because it was a better solution in my opinion.

But now I don’t really know how to think about things because now I know a lot about our thoughts and how they create our entire experience. And how we use food for buffering.

I feel like I’m wrong for not believing in “clean eating” and “cutting out carbs” and “cheat meals”.

Or even using certain phrases that for ME used to feel very “diet mentality” or “restrictive”.

What I do know is that I want to help people adopt a self love mindset and teach them how to lose weight without unnecessary things like dieting, counting or strict meal plans. I want them to learn how to eat food that help them feel good in their bodies but also to be able to enjoy their favorite treat without binging or feeling like their “cheating”.

I want to help people create a healthy life that they love.

Sometimes I just don’t even know what I mean anymore.