Beliefs about money showing up in consults

ARGH! I’m so frustrated with myself. I’m getting a steady stream of consults for my coaching business and am getting really good at showing up as the awesome coach I am during them. I fall apart when we get to the money conversation, though. Here’s my thought download:

Who am I to tell them how to spend their money, whether to use a credit card or tap into retirement or savings? That feels pushy and icky. But if I were coaching them on a decision to buy from someone else I’d have NO PROBLEM walking them through their options. I’m making it all about me, about money on the line for my business, but feel trapped in this mindset and it’s making me doubt myself and my ability to self-coach. Why am I struggling so much with this???

C: Consult call
T: Overcoming their money objections is pushy and icky
F: Discouraged
A: Back off and get wimpy when they have money objections
R: Fewer clients get help from me

C: Consult call
T: ???
F: Confident
A: Back off and get wimpy when they have money objections
R: More clients get help from me

I am really stuck on what to think here. I tried “I’m fighting for their dream” but it rings false to me. Please suggest some steps I can take to break through this block. I suspect it’s getting in my way in other places too. Thank you.