Believe in habits M*

This is my first post cert post! Background, I’m had been stuck in a model that there are the “right” habits. And they will be hard to create and hard to do. I worked on this a lot and got to an intentional model that was 90% believable bc 10% of me still thinks that what I propose is not enough work & that I’ll complicate things. That I don’t know the “right habits” bc I made these up myself.
So I have modified to the model below that is 100% believable. It IS very likely. Going from very likely to 100% “I can create..” model.
C: perspectives coaching analytics
T: It is very likely that I can create successful habits
F: unstoppable
A: minimize recurring habits —>
60 min create time &
60 min do time per week &
30 TD on business weekly
Settle into warmth of the habits
Listen to what my business needs right now
Do myself for now but with an eye to delegate Change some things from habits to 1x things
Go to social media (by choice after setting a loving headspace) for 15min 2 times a week
Limit input of external content
Choose external content wisely as part of weekly planning meeting. Not spur of the moment
Set little tokens to Remind myself that I’m not in a rush
Observe the habits of people that I respect & take notes
Use structure for my schedule to create freedom
Allow negative chatter but then keep going – I DO have the time. I can make healthy habits. Habits don’t have to take a lot of time to be valuable.
Listen to others
Enjoy & embrace the process
Give myself permission to change at any time “I can change my mind at any time.”
Celebrate act of creating
Step into the unknown
Allow discomfort and fear
Enjoy great memories of past successes

R: I map success in my mind and take actions that create flow. Do it even if fear in the back seat

As I am posting, I realize that this may be a confidence issue. Perhaps instead of thoughts I want to believe, I have to do things in my current place with doubt/fear without the confidence totally locked in. Do it anyways! Any other insights?