Believing in advance

I would love to create new beliefs about my business. And especially I would love to actually believe them in advance.

I have identified that I have always believed that I would be a great mom. No matter what. I knew that in advance even before I was a mom. Therefore even when I am failing in my parenting, I don’t make it mean anything about me. I am not making it mean that I am not succeeding at being a great mom because I already know that I am a great mom. I just keep looking at what twists I need to make, what I need to educate myself on… And of course a result I am a great mom !

As an entrepreneur I don’t have such a strong belief. I don’t believe that I am a successful in my business. Part of that comes from me never reaching my goals and I “wish” I am able to create a successful business. I hope for it. Part of me believes that I am capable of creating it. But I keep making my failure mean something. I can see that my belief in myself as a successful entrepreneur is not 100% there. How do I create a new belief that I actually believe ? How do I create a new belief that is believable?