Believing in order to See it AND Quit Corporate!

I am a Certified Coach with a goal of leaving my corporate job to have my own coaching business. I’ve done countless thought downloads, Models, been coached and still have drama. I am scared and know this is normal and it’s keeping me STUCK. I have a salary, benefits, paid vacation, health insurance, short term disability, and if I get sick and can’t work I have a benefit that pays me. And yet I am unhappy in my job and have wanted to leave for almost 3 years.

I found coaching and knew WHAT wanted to do and believe I am called to do. But I have never created money with my own business before. I need help believing I CAN do this even though I’ve not done it before. I know I can stay stuck and uncomfortable working for someone else OR trust myself to evolve into the woman of my dreams who creates and lives into her purpose. I have given up on myself in the past and don’t want to revert to that old way of treating myself. I need a shift. Help!