Believing in the company

So, I would eventually like to have my own business, but currently I work in transportation sales – selling transport of goods to and from Alaska. I believe I manifested this job because I never worked in sales but have been in different aspects of transportation for 18 years.

I truly believed if I can be good at selling this I can sell my own services one day… the problem I have is believing in the company as much as I would like since now that I have worked here for 11 months I am finding so many things I need corrections on ( routing issues, billing issues, customer service issues.) This is a corporate company and I know nothing would be perfect all the time, but when I try to sell I feel fake when trying to speak on customer service of the company.

I feel like this is hindering my ability to sell more. Should I think of it in terms of selling my abilities to the customer instead (because I believe I am a great asset and get things done quickly and as needed)?

My boss is always telling me to make calls and hand off the customer service portion, but it’s been increasingly hard as if I do not keep an eye on things I do not feel like I can trust our customer service in making sure things are done correctly or the customer has been updated in a timely manner. I am trying to incorporate the “double your business in 3 month” ideas to my job.