Believing: my thoughts are keeping me stuck in my business

I was doing my daily work this morning, and realized a thought I am choosing to believe is that there are thoughts keeping me stuck in my business–primarily around creating consults and signing clients/ making money.  When I think this thought I feel things like: paralyzed, fear, urgency, panic.

When I choose to believe this thought I:
-Focus on myself
-Buffer with coaching and consuming content to try to ‘fix’ this problem
-I doubt myself and the process
-I second guess myself and my offer
-I spin in doubt and confusion about what to do/ say next to my people
-I act desperate (checking email/phone for consults/ clients)
-Try to take more action

This thought felt tight in my chest and belly.  I think a partner thought is:  I can’t create clients/ results with these thoughts here.  The result I am creating is: I am keeping myself stuck in my business.  I am not sure what the question is, but would like coaching through this thought. Thanks!