Believing new things vs. self compassion?

I set an impossible goal to make $4k by July 31, 2020.

I’m doing thought work on everything coming up.

It’s going great.

I have amazing mind visibility right now and I’m excited to be seeing all the things coming up and having the tools and skills to process things. (F: confidence!)

However, one thing I’m wondering about is right now I’m very aware of my specific thoughts and beliefs causing my results.

I’m really good at noticing them when they come up.

I don’t push them away or resist them, but I’m wondering if I’m feeling compassion for them and allowing them to “pass”, or if I’m just basically giving my brain permission to think them? I don’t give them much merit or let them go past the F line, but I’m wondering if I need to “work harder” to practice my new thoughts and intentional models.

I think I am telling myself that if I push the “new thoughts” too hard, that those “old beliefs” will creep back up anyway, and that if I have to force the new beliefs in, I’m doing it wrong.

Maybe I’m not believing hard enough. That’s a thing, right?

Another story I’m telling myself is that once I’m “””really””‘ (air quotes to emphasize that this is my brain’s story) aware and accepting of the thoughts, that they’ll just float away (I think something Byron Katie maybe talks about? I heard it on a call once.) And that since these thoughts aren’t just “floating away” that I need to do more work on them.

Wondering if someone could give me some insight into what I’m calling compassion vs. forcing new beliefs.