Believing people will pay

Ok, I believe I deserve to charge $200 an hour for what I do, but I’m struggling to believe that anyone will PAY that. I feel like I have a lot of experience and I give a lot of energy to my clients, but I feel like that price point would put them off. I know intellectually there are women who are willing to pay that and won’t question that, but I doubt my ability to find it. Even though I myself have paid that much for similar services. My brain just keeps sending back the thought error of “they won’t pay”. I know this is affecting the way I show up and create content in my client attraction efforts and it’s returning no clients. I look at how I show up and think I don’t look like I deserve extra money, my video quality wasn’t good, etc. Or I’m just resentful going in and thinking what’s the point, these people don’t want it.