Believing That I Can Grow my Business in the Time I Have Available

I had a multiple 6 figure coaching business for a few years and put my business on pause when we went into lock down because I have a 3 year old and I was taking care of her full time for a few months. I took on some freelance work and did as much as I could, but barely sustained my business. I did a lot of growth and realigning my business in 2020 which was amazing.

Now I still have freelance work – about 15 hours per week.
I take care of my daughter 3 days a week, she’s in school 2 days a week and she is at her dad’s house on the weekends.

Where I feel stuck is in transitioning out of the freelance work so that I have more time to grow my business while also still being able to pay my expenses. I’ve been in a situation before where I didn’t have consistent income and I had to sell more of an offer to pay my basis expenses. I don’t want to be in that situation ever again with a child. I’m trying to figure out how to grow my business to where it was again in the time I currently have available, which is the weekend and two week days per week.

The only advice I’ve gotten about this is that being in this “time” situation with my freelance work and taking care of my daughter is just a season and is what it is. I’ve been told that the alternative is that I can get a full time job, put her in school full time and stop working on my business. It seems that there is a better answer where I can strategically phase out the freelance work as I ramp up my business again and do it in the time I have available to me.