Believing the Impossible goal part 2

I set a big goal of 30 people in my yoga training by January I have 1 when I look at my to do list I thought about crossing it off because it just doesn’t even feel possible. It did feel good thinking about cancelling my goal but then I have no income which will be bad. lol
I have run many before with 20-30 happy students in there

How can I believe I can do this when I don’t yet? Is that the first step? trying to believe that I can?

C I set a big goal to have 30 people in teacher training by January and I have 1
T maybe I should quit my business, It won’t happen, I don’t know what to do
F deflated panic and sad
A wrong or inaction
R 1 person in training

People are not enrolling the date is coming up

Intentional model

c 1 person enrolled
t I can do this, maybe I can do this, how can I do this?….
f its vaguely possible, unsure sprinkled with a bit of hope
a curious random actions
r maybe 5 people enroll lol

Im not feeling very powerful in my ability to support myself or my son, I feel like I’m listening to lots of information all the calls doing the assignments yet, I’m not taking actions that are getting me financial results that are positive… I don’t know if maybe I am just turning around a ship that has been in a not good direction or if I just need to quit what I’m doing all together and just give up and look for a job.

I wish I was doing better with my results around money.