Hey There Coaches,

I’m interested in fostering the feeling of belonging and bringing that feeling along with me everywhere I go to meet new people for my business. I realized that I initially thought that someone else was suppose to provide that feeling for me by something that they did/didn’t do or say. But of course that was just a thought 🙂
So here is the intentional model I have:

C: Networking Group Event
F: Belonging
A: smile at people, compliment people, find one person to start a conversation with, relaxed conversation, introduce myself calmly and confidently, ask them about themselves and their interest, make a joke, talk about my experiences with vulnerability, offer helpful perspectives
R: connect with people easily and love being with them

Here are some THOUGHT ideas I had:
“These are my people”
” This is my tribe.”
” I love being here with these beautiful people.”
“My connection with me overflows into connection with them.”

I’d love some guidance on how to play around with thought creation around this desired result.
Thank you.