Better response than I hoped!

I have an unexpected issue – I was hoping for 2-3 free clients and 14 people have signed up for mini sessions!! I am so incredibly grateful. I am also a bit overwhelmed, if I am honest. I extended my coaching hours to accommodate (I am doing early mornings, evenings and weekends). I was feeling good about this approach until I realized that if I am able to convert them from “interested” to “free clients” and eventually “paying clients” they will be signing up for 60 min slots!

I have been brainstorming how best to approach – and I would love some feedback.

I can figure out a way to fit them all in over the next 3 weeks (the length of the program) I think I can sustain the pace for 3 weeks. It is basically very long days, but doable and I am energized by this work. My concern with this approach is that I wont have a lot of time for reflection and growth. It is basically swimming in the deep end to start. I NEVER take this approach – so I am not sure if it works for me, but I am committing to delivering an amazing experience.

Or, I could also stagger their start dates. This actually feels more sustainable, but I have some thoughts to address around spending a lot of time coaching for free. I have competing concerns around that I will never be able to make a living doing this – and coaching for free all summer proving this for me. The other side of that fear is whether I will ever have this abundance of clients again – and how to generate more abundance rather than operating from a sense of lack.

I want to work with my clients from feelings of confidence and “driven to deliver” and I want to convert to paying clients – I want this to be my passion AND for it to pay me an AMAZING salary!

What do you recommend?