Big Money goals & only 3 months left.

I had a great call this week with a coach. I am ready to double down on my biz!

After the call, I reverse engineered my goals based upon what I want to make by December 31, 2020. Ugh. That’s when my thoughts immediately reverted back to negative thinking. I would have to offer to about 3k people a day! (I have big goals haha). So I thought to myself- hmm, ok- let’s just shoot for 10% of that then. So that would still be 300 offers a day. My brain is exploding. Me and my brain’s conversation:

Me: I can do it.
Brain: no, you can’t. You have very little time. There is a reason you haven’t hit even close to your goal in 2020 and we are mid-September already.

Me: I can make time.
Brain: oh yeah? Where? You wake up early to workout, work at a hospital 8hrs day, then watch your 5, 3, and 1 year old while husband is at work in the evenings. Where in this day will you find time to talk to 300 people?

Of course, my F line is DEFEATED. I grapple with the decision of lowering my goal? But that doesn’t sound fun to me, at all. But then again, I wonder if small goals would lead to more action being taken?

I want to believe I could hit my “impossible goal” but I’m struggling with time and the HOW. Would it be beneficial to lower my goal?