Bike Shop

How to double a bike shop in one year. We hit a million this year so to hit 2 million next year. Help me apply Brook’s teachings.

1. I get offers – no + yes. We offer bicycle products. Offer – no + yes. My brain wanted to challenge it and say it’s more complicated but it’s that simple right?

2. Niche – we do Snow Sports, Boy Scouts and some other products. We are a family bike shop so this fits or we should narrow?

3. Compelling offer: Trek does this for us…just us it in our sales. In our marketing. Ask for the sale every time. Many times until they say yes or don’t ever ask me again. :0)
Ride bikes.
Have fun.
Feel good.

Buy your bike from us, it’s easy! (Easy Riders)

How important is compelling offers vs offers in product businesses?

Electric Bikes will change your life. (While selling an e-bike.) How? It’s the next best invention since the bike. It will blow your mind and change your world forever.

(Don’t say more about the how…keep it to the what) Bikes solve for traffic. They solve for lifestyle transformation. They solve for fun during corona virus.

Fill me in on some good resources. Help me see what I’m missing. Truth: We double our business this last year and are at risk of loosing but have a plan – BHAG of warehousing bikes. Being all in on making another million while maintaining work life balance. That’s the BHAG. Never been done in bike industry and we are going to do it.

Work life balance – “Newbies” have to work at least 5 days a week” You are still in the hustle. I get it. When do you get to get out?

What am I missing? What other of Brook’s double your business ideas did I forget? Thanks in advance for coaching me on this.

Thank you.