Blog question?

I am on a roll! I’ve asked you before about my niche –helping parents navigate the IEP process for their children with special needs. You suggested getting more specific with the “special” need. I’ve been working a great deal a lot on myself this month. I developed my vision app, read daily affirmations, follow the April plan and have been committing one hour each night to just writing. It’s been relaxing and very therapeutic. Until I sign for the master class in coaching (2019) I’ve decided to start a blog. It’s always been in the back of my mind. My goal is to have a blog ready to go by June 1. (Yikes the thought even scares me, but I work my mind through it). My question is, would creating a blog about “the wisdom I’ve gained in the past 19 years while raising a child (who is now an adult) with autism” too broad? For a blog? I thought it would be a great start that could further help me in the creative process. My intent is not to make money (right away) from it but to create a blog that will help parents with children with autism…. Words of wisdom from an older parent’s perspective. I feel that there are a lot of resources and support groups, (especially for Asperger’s) but not for high functioning Autism. There is a big difference. Help prepare parents for what’s coming ahead. How to emotionally handle the difficulties of each developmental milestone. Especially when you have other children that are typically developing. Eventually get into IEP advice but not in any negative tone (which I see a lot). Any thoughts?
p.s. I was listening to your interview with K. L Anderson (mother/daughter relationships). Loved it and love her blog!