Blog Topic Constraint

Hi Brooke and Team, I have a blog that currently has several different topics I’m writing about out while I figure out what I want to ultimately focus on. I cover movies, small town stuff, with lots of photos and inspirational quotes related to the photos and fun facts. The thing is, I like everything I write about but I want to make my site easy on the eyes and cohesive. I don’t want it to be all over the place. I try to make my site a fun place to visit but should I be constraining more? Just like we need to determine our niche, do we need to constrain to one site topic? Like I said, I’m still determining my niche, so writing on a variety of topics is sloooowly helping me learn where my heart and my strengths are, but I don’t want to appear wishy washy to my followers or potential clients. I hope this makes sense!
Thank you:)