Blogging on Instagram

I’ve made a set of models on my blogging for my teaching business, and I’m having trouble finding the right Thought and Feeling for my Intentional Model. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Unintentional Model:
C: blogging
T: my thoughts are not valuable for people
F: shame
A: don’t post or share, when post I try to embellish the content (make it witty and fun) from a people-pleasing place, forget what I actually wanted to say or share in the process
R: I don’t value my thoughts. I don’t share my true thoughts

Intentional Model: (I started with the R-line here)
C: blogging
A: share what I want to share, communicate with people from a friendly place, don’t judge what I’m planning to write in a bad way, talk about good and bad stuff, my successes and struggles, don’t people please, be honest in my content
R: I show up fully as myself when blogging on Instagram