BNI Pitch

I have a BNI meeting tomorrow, I need to pitch myself to the group. Yesterday I felt great about my pitch, today I have asked to read it for a couple of people who did not think the pitch was all that great. I value these peoples input but am feeling like I am not good enough and will be criticized tomorrow. I have reworked the pitch and now it’s too short. I have such a desire to be successful and what I really find out in these situations is how much I desire to be perfect, so I don’t have to feel the criticism of others. Then I go off the deep end and trade my deep desire to be successful for quitting altogether with thoughts I will never be good enough! Why such drastic swings?

C- I have a BNI meeting and will pitch my business to the group
T – I am not good enough, the pitch stinks
F – Insecure
A – I binge eat, avoid the other work I need to get done
R – I still feel badly and hate myself that I am not perfect!

C – I have a BNI meeting and will pitch my business to the group tomorrow
T – What I have done is plenty I need to move on to other things, it is b- but it’s done and not one will ever remember exactly what I said
F – Accepting
A – I practice what I have
R – I pitch myself to the group and move on

I just can’t feel good about my pitch right now! How do I feel positive so that I give off the right energy to attract the people and business that in my heart I want? It’s all about law of attraction and right now I’m not in that vibrational energy!