Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Training

Hi Coach,

I have two businesses and have not done very good at the bookkeeping part of the businesses. I’m committed to changing that now. I planned to register for a two-day QuickBooks class for next week but it got full so will do it next month. I already hired a bookkeeper to help set up the program on my laptop and she entered the past couple years of info. I will need to keep up with it going forward. I don’t want to pay her to continue and if I do a little each week, like an hour or two, I could keep up with it fine.

I’m aware of the Entrepreneur and Bookkeeping training in Scholars however have not yet listened to the course. I have access to it. I’m just wondering if I should do the QuickBooks training or if my time would be better spent on the Scholars Entrepreneur and Bookkeeping class? Or maybe best to do both the QuickBooks and also Scholars Entrepreneur and Bookkeeping trainings.

I will appreciate anything you can share about this to help me make the decision on what to do next. Thank you and I hope you have an awesome rest of your day.