Boundaries w/ clients who want one on one time without paying for it.

I’m struggling to find the solution for when a client wants to have personal access to you but doesn’t pay for it? With the company I partner with there is an option to purchase a very basic product that would give me (the coach) a very small commission.

(And I mean small- $40 for the entire year as they keep the membership for 12 months). This would assign me as their designated coach. Part of my brain says, “it’s not about the money- help everyone even if it’s little to no money.”

The other part of my brain says, “fuck that! That’s absurd and not realistic. My time is extremely valuable and I cannot allow these private coaching sessions/conversations to occur as they are not adequately compensating me. They can have access to group things and other free resources.”

I understand I can ultimately decide for myself and my business but I’m looking for a little more guidance here.

How have other business coaches dealt with this? Can you share their resolutions? Examples of Boundaries around time and money?