Boyfriend should believe in me more than he does

Hi coaches, I did a UM and an IM. Could someone take a look and give me feedback? I know the C’s need some work.

C: Me as a coach, my coaching business, I work from home, Neil’s thoughts about/his relationship with my business and thoughts about my career, my niche of helping 20yo women with adhd go paperless
T: I doubt myself more than I should because he doesn’t believe how great I am.
F: Angry
A: Blame him for my current client results of zero
– Blame him for my current money results
– Blame him for my insecurity, and for not realizing my own greatness for myself
– Blame him for how often and how strong my self doubt is
– Project my insecurities onto him
– Blame him for whenever another coach compliments me and I don’t accept the compliment (because I don’t believe in my own greatness because he doesn’t)
– I avoid conversations about my business because I want to avoid his doubt
– I don’t bring up updates in my business, generally never talk about my business unless it’s about a coach friend, which ironically usually is a coach friend who believes in my own greatness
– I don’t get to work building up my own self esteem
– I believe/buy into his doubts and insecurities around my product’s pricing, what I’m doing, I believe his self doubt lies
– I take passive action/not take massive action in my business, I procrastinate, I make excuses for my lack of success
R: I doubt my own greatness.

C: My business, me as a coach, my niche of helping 20yo’s with adhd go paperless, zero clients, certain amount of money in bank accounts, Neil says words
T: I believe in me enough for the both of us.
F: Empowered
A: I take massive action in my business.
– I allow him to have his own narrative around my business, and me being a coach, and my money, and all of it. I return his model to him.
– Choose to focus on finding and serving clients
– Don’t choose to dwell on him not believing in me “as much as he should”
– Don’t dwell on my current client and money results
– Choose to give airtime to the future I want to create in my life, as a coach, in my business, and in the lives of my clients
– Don’t delegate my belief in myself to him
– I allow self doubt to be there without making it a problem, resisting it, or trying to push it away
R: I grow my business.