Brain fog

Hi Coaches,

I did a launch end of May that went horribly wrong. I lost over $6000 (all my savings!) in the launch process, through hiring a launch strategist that cost me $6000. We had predicted that a minimum of 100 people would sign up for the course, but in the end only 9 people signed up and I am currently running at a loss. The strategy that this launch guy used was to open the cart for 1 week and sell the course only for 1 week. After, this the cart was closed and has been closed since.

Initially, I panicked and felt like a failure. But after thought work and pulling myself together, I came to the conclusion that my course idea was 1) a little premature but more importantly 2) I wanted to work with more one on one clients and get that experience.

Prior to launching my course, I had only worked with 2 one on one clients so I came to the decision to focus on growing my one on one client base, get more experience, knowledge and understanding, and then later down the line once I have testimonials etc relaunch this course with updates from my new found experience. I liked my reasons for this and felt good about working with people one on one and really do feel like it’s what I need to do.

However, I spent most if not all of June in this brain fog when it comes to what to do with my course etc. I feel so stuck. The platform that I used to host my course is costing me $99 a month to host my course on it. Every month, I am running at a loss paying this, but have such mind drama and panic when it comes to doing something about it. I worked out that I am able to make a google document that will give each person access without having to pay any monthly fees (indefinitely), but when it comes to actually pulling the plug and doing it, I have such demotivation. I feel like I have totally failed myself, and them. I feel like the course didn’t go as planned and now I am stuck. I feel like they will get upset that the course platform is changing, and that the structure won’t be as refined or polished as hosting it on a platform. I also start to wonder what other people on my platform will think if they just never hear about my course again, and suddenly see a one on one offer available. I get so much shame from this, and have been just putting it off and buffering and getting nothing done.

I know that I could get my course up and running if I continued at it, but after this whole experience, I just feel that right now what would be better for me and my audience is to work with people one on one and learn new things about myself and them. I just haven’t been able to do much because I get stuck in this fog and don’t know how to move forward!

Please help coach me on this!