Branding Name for my Business

I am so freakin excited!! Thank you for helping me with my model on picking a brand name for my business. I just wanted to share this because I realized that when I am not in my own way and allow my creative process to flow, magical things happen! This morning, I came up with my logo concept – everything! I love what I came up with and all I need is a graphic designer to help put it together and package it for me to use for social media. I made the decision to start with my company name then eventually rebrand with my name. I also decided that I don’t have to choose one or the other when it comes to my logo so I will just create two logos and know that I have them both if I need them. If feels so damn good to know that I was able to create my vision and it happened unexpectedly. I am also coaching a new client tonight, it’s a free session but I am already thinking how I can offer my coaching packages. I just need to feel confident in my offer and let go of any outcome. She either signs up or doesn’t, either way, I feel good!!

C – Coaching package
T – Not sure how to price a coaching package
F – Uncertain
A – I question whether people can afford it, I create reasons why they won’t sign up for my coaching package
R – No package, no paying client

C – Coaching package
T – People are willing to sign up for a coaching package
F – Optimistic
A – Write down a list of the different coaching packages, set the pricing for each, review the packages, make the offers to your clients
R – Clients sign-up for my coaching packages