Branding question

I have 2 ideas for my branding. I don’t want to say what my idea is so I’ll just use a fake example that still maintains the essence of the business (selling online classes about a topic, we’ll pretend it’s knitting)

Option 1: Knitting like a pro
+ It tells clearly what I am selling
+ Cheap domain name available
+ It relates more to what the client is looking to achieve
+ It is good for SEO (I think)
– It’s not really exciting as a brand. Sounds bland and ordinary to me.
– “Serious” image
+ More credible (?)

Option 2: Knitting Queen
– It is more focused on me
+ It positions me as an expert
+ I could do a photoshoot with a crown and really make that brand pop to attract interest to my offer (imagine a podcast or an ad with a lady with a crown, you’d stop right?)
+ “Fun” brand/image
+ Present a business with personality that you either love or hate

Please don’t just tell me “What would you chose if you knew you couldn’t fail”, I’d really like some external business advice one this and I don’t have anyone else to talk about this idea.