Breaking my own boundaries

I have coaching agreement that I get clients to sign before they start working with me. It was written by a lawyer. It says that clients are to use their coaching session in 6 months. It also says no refunds.

The client I was working with this time last year got pregnant and stopped coming to see me. She said she would come back when she got to the second trimester and wasn’t feeling so tired and sick.
I didn’t hear from her again until the weekend when she got back in touch asking how many coaching sessions she had left.I told her 5 and sent her the link so she could book another appointment
Then today she asked if she could be refunded for the unused coaching sessions.
I don’t want to give her a refund, but am happy for her to use up the sessions.
However, I am not sure how to reply now because I have already sort of broken my own rules by sending her the link to the calendar.
Also if I tell her no refunds, I also feel I should give her a time frame of when to use the coaching sessions by…say 1 year. She says she doesn’t need any help at the moment.
Maintaining this boundary with this client feels scary. I have maintained the same boundary with other clients and it wasn’t a problem. Please help!