Brick and mortar store. I’m alone?

Watching the business calls it seems everyone wants to be a coach. Natalie mentioned yesterday that anyone with any business is welcome, still only coaches had questions.
This call I couldn’t attend life because of the time zone, but another business call I could. Still I hesitate to ask coaching. I do have a business, an interior and design shop abroad, with all the challenges that come with this. I’ve written a model.

C. During business calls only coaches (to be) are coached
T. I’ve a brick and mortar shore, with different issues
F. Left out
A. Don’t ask for coaching
R. No others than coaches are being coached

C. Same
T. Business calls are for anyone with any kind of business
F. Encouraged
A. For next business call I’ll write an email
R. The business calls might be more diverse (and for everyone interesting).

What do you think?

By the way, I do have an interior design shop, with furniture finished on demand:)
My shop is abroad, so I manage my staff from a distance when not there.

Thank you for any insight!