Brooke’s Book Funnel

Re-watched Brooke’s book funnel from September and have some Qs about the purpose & content of the videos:

1: the FB ad – what kind of content is effective at driving people from Fb to the book sales page? Does Brooke use a core concept from the book? share a case study? talk about the main result of reading the book in general? or focus on a pain point? Is this more like an ad (watch this >>) or an actual piece of valuable content in itself?

2: the sales video on the sales page: what are the best points to share in a book sales video? the main result?

3: OTO video – is this presented after the book is purchased as a one time offer? What’s the best way to introduce and pitch an upsell? does Brooke sell the webinar and audio as downloads or within a member area?

Thanks so much!