Buffering When Starting Up A Business

Hello. I am buffering and experiencing the feeling of resistance quite often lately as I’m working on starting up an art business.

I was listening to Corinne Crabtree’s Buffering Call (from July 29, 2021) and that was excellent! During the call, another Scholar was saying that she would also like to stop buffering when it comes to starting her business.

Corinne asked: “Why would you be willing to put your work out into the world even if some people won’t like it?”

The Scholar responded: “Because people need what I have.”

Corinne: “Do you really believe that?”

Scholar: ”Yes.”

I believe my thoughts that are causing me trouble are “People don’t need my art. Why does it even matter?” I could not have responded with that answer of “Because people need what I have”.

When I ask myself Corinne’s first question, my answers are: “To express myself”, “To create meaningful items”, “To create beauty that was not in the world before”. But these don’t seem quite big enough because I’m not yet getting the results I want.

How would you coach me? What thoughts do you suggest I try on to help me better manage my brain and get the results I want?

Thank you in advance for your response.