Buffering with confusion?

I think I’ve uncovered that my spinning and buffering around having the “perfect curriculum” for my clients recently was really me avoiding delivering the “new curriculum” and going LIVE or being on camera/audio to record myself.

I’ve been a coach for 5 years and I’ve created many videos and coaching solutions for my clients, but lately I’ve been looking at my work as “not good enough” because it’s been “missing” structure, a flow, etc. Despite my clients getting transformations with what is there, I’m constantly thinking about NEW ways I need to reprogram my offering and coaching solutions. Which, I can now see that this is a C, and my thought is “I have to get this right this time. I have to simplify. I have to know what to say and deliver it effectively.” Ick. So much pressure and all about me.

It feels like this is necessary though (to have the right formula and methodology for how to teach your clients how to get their transformation), while at the same time it feels like I could also build my business by just helping my clients and delivering videos and programs that are just always helpful, at random. Ugh, I don’t know about this either.

If I believe, ”I just want to help my clients and I know how,” I have to then go and DO the “thing” (pick the topic to coach on and just record or go LIVE) and I don’t want to.

My brain would rather spin and indulge in not knowing the right thing or still needing to figure out what they need and how to say it right, instead of just taking action. I’m so scared of being wrong that I’m just wrong now. I see it.

So I’m taking small action: I’m posting, I’m emailing, but I’m not teaching like I think I should be. And, this is where I’m stuck.