Buffering with more “learning”

I’ve been trying to evaluate my performance on social media from a scientific angle and stay out of mind drama. But if I’m really honest, I’m having a little trouble holding the belief that clients are coming, and nothing is “wrong” with what I’m doing. (That is, I don’t need to “learn” more or “fix” something.)
What’s working:
– People are reaching out to “chat” with me about what coaching is
– I got over the drama about posting online publicly, started my public IG/FB accounts (previously I’ve only been posting on my personal FB)
– I’m posting on a regular schedule and having fun with it
What I think isn’t working:
– People are reaching out to “chat” with me about coaching, but they don’t book a consult after the chat
– People don’t book a consult directly from my CTA’s (even though I think it’s pretty clear I’m offering a consult, they ask to chat)
I’m happy to chat with people about coaching, as it gives me the opportunity to show up as a coach, explain coaching, learn more about my ideal clients, etc. I believe in my social media content is providing value (and maybe I just need to be more patient) but my brain occasionally sneaks in thoughts like “well, maybe it’s because you aren’t doing it right. Your copy isn’t convincing enough. Nobody knows what you’re offering. You don’t have a fancy website.” Etc etc etc which then compels me into time wasting activities like going into reading and learning mode…
C: People not booking consults
T: Your copy isn’t convincing enough
F: Inadequate
A: Consuming other gurus/coaches’ content to “learn” how to write better copy; think & ruminate about ideal client; Don’t make more offers
R: I don’t create more / better copy & don’t get more clients

How do I keep building the belief without 1. giving my power + responsibility away 2. buffering with actions or learning?