Buffering with one dare instead of doing a different dare for my business

Could I be buffering with one dare instead of doing the dare I should really be doing to grow my cash flow?

I woke up with a great idea for a blog post and 5 day email challenge content opt in. I started taking notes and set it as my dare for the day at 6am. I did the models around it and came up with a useful thought. “I have the resources and experience to do this”. This would take the whole day of focused work, and possibly more.

BUT – I should really be doing the key business priorities for the day instead – the actual dare that would be better to do is “Write and present a client proposal, and hook it up to stripe so that they can pay on the spot”.

Would it be okay to change my dare of the day to an even bigger dare that I have been avoiding? Actually – there’s a few dares I need to dare to do in my business?

Such as – do the research on my last two final niche possibilities and narrow it down.
choose a niche – make the final choice
reach to potential leads to present offers
reach out to companies in the chosen niche via linkedin for more ideal client avatar (ICA) interviews

I want to keep moving forward – but I still feel that I’m buffering work activities with other work activities. How do I prioritize this, given that building cash flow in (and reducing cash flow out) is a key concern for me right now? Thanks!