Building A Coaching Business With A Full-Time Job

Hi Brooke. I’m considering taking a full-time job to bring in additional income while I continue to build my business. I’m wondering how to manage working full-time, being a single mom to a 7 year-old, and working one-on-one with clients. Weekday evenings would include homework time, getting dinner ready, and getting my son showered and ready for bed. When would I be able to schedule mini-sessions and client calls? It seems that my schedule would only allow for calls to be concentrated on the weekends, with maybe space for one call each evening – but somehow that doesn’t seem feasible… How would that ‘look’ to clients? Then there’s the option to do group programs, but isn’t it advised to have a good amount of one-on-one experience before offering group programs? How do coaches in similar situations handle this? What would you suggest? Thanks!